UWL Progressives

The Progressives bring together progressive thinking individuals to encourage democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence, global awareness, post patriarchal values, respect for diversity and personal as well as social responsibility. The group focuses on actions to promote and raise awareness of these issues.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Minutes for 4/11

UNITED COUNCIL:United council is a state student association that works on many different issues for the student like tuition, diversity, and financial aid. Their most recent campaigns will be dealing with the amendment on Gay marriage/civil unions etc. and the other deals with the cost of higher education. Both are HUGE issues. If you want to know more information let David Glisch-Sanchez know at academic@unitedcouncil.net.
GOING TO BAT FOR STUDENTS: The Student Association and if you want YOU will be lobbying in Madison next Thursday (April 20th) to stop tuition increases and increase financial aid. Go spend a day in Madison and only pay for your own lunch. Go down to Madison to make a difference! If you want more information…b/c there is a lot more to know let Chelsea know at oneil.chel@students.uwlax.edu.
WRAP UP ON PEACE WEEK Thanks to everyone who helped out with peace week! It was a great time with all sorts of awesome events. Good job to everyone that worked on it J
COALITION OF DEFENSE: Schryver is interested in starting up a Coalition of Defense on campus that would include a whole number of different groups on campus. It would allow us to come together at times when it would be good to stick together against things we all agree about and that are really important. If anyone is interested in these ideas, would want to help, and/or would like to know more information let Schryver know at schryver.ryan@students.uwlax.edu.
SB1-SENTATE BILL 1: The UW-L Progressives have officially endorsed a letter urging Wisconsin State Assembly Leader Mike Heubsch to bring ethics reform legislation to a vote. Republican leadership is currently preventing a bill titled SB1 from reaching the floor for debate. The bill would replace the currently corrupt Ethics Board and Election Board with an independent agency that can investigate and prosecute ethical and financial wrongdoings within the state government. In the wake of many state-wide corruption scandals it is largely believed this legislation would pass if brought to a vote. Hopefully our support helps move the bill along!
EARTH WEEK: Earth Week and Earth Day are both next week! There are tons of awesome things going on. One main thing that will be happening will be a FREE lecture by Dave Foreman (who is huge in the conservation world) on Wednesday, April 26th @ 6p.m. in Valhalla on campus. He should be a great speaker and have a lot of very interesting information to share with us. The next mtg. Will be today ThursdayApril 13th in 259 CC @ 7p.m. There will be a lot of Crafts to work on today so it should be very fun. One last thing…VOLUNTEERS are needed so if you are interested in helping out with Earth Week let Kristen know @ pitts.kris@students.uwlax.edu.
ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL: The next Environmental Council meeting will be TODAY as well @ 4p.m. in CC (ask front desk what room number).
CAMPUS CLIMATE CHALLENGE: The next Campus Climate Challenge mtg will be TODAY too. There will be a meeting after the Environmental Council meeting on Thursday, April 13th, at about 5:00 or 5:15. We will meet in Cartwright near the Ward room. Come learn how to raise awareness on our campus about clean energy and make this new committee very powerful.
ENVIRONMENTAL VICTORY: The energy bill passed! A big part of why it did is thanks to Kapanke and his support. Sending him coal for Christmas and writing letters to the editor helped a lot. We are thinking of having a celebration to thank Kapanke for his support. This would give us the opportunity to do a lot more than just thank him as well (building more support for more clean energy in the future etc.). The tentative date is Monday April 24th in 259 CC, Port O’ Call, or the Concordia Ballroom. Watch for more info to come.
TATOOS: If you have a tattoo and would be comfortable talking about why you got it, where you got it, how big it is etc and would like to help out a friend in analyzing gender differences in tattoos let Janna know @ janna_dziak@hotmail.com.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Amnesty International is re-starting! If you are interested in doing something about human injustices in the international community this group is for you! Come to the mtgs on Thursdays @ 7:30 in 329 CC.
SLEEPING IN THE CENTER OF TOWN: Every night children in Uganda have to commute to the center of town and sleep to stay safe and avoid being kidnapped. By going to sleep at the YMCA you will be showing your recognition and more for these children room. Watch for more info to come on sleeping at the YMCA on April 29th to take part in a national movement.
OPEN DISCUSSION CLUB: A group has been started here on campus by some awesome people that allows for the discussion of some very important issues in today’s world. If you are interested in discussing and learning about some important issues check it out on Wednesdays @ 6:00 p.m. in 263 CC.
MEETING STRUCTURE: It’s getting to that time of the year when we like to start thinking about possible improvements to our meetings for the following year. Start thinking about what you like and do not like so much about our meetings and what you would want to improve. At the next mtg we will also be thinking about new leadership within the group and possibly have elections. So think about if you are interested or know someone you would think is great to have as a leader within our organization
SKILLS WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING SESSIONS: Think about different skills and things you would like to learn and understand from our elder progressives J . We are thinking about having a day of training to pass down the skills we already have in some of our older members. So far this day is looking like it will be May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) and after all the training a little fun will be had…party party. This would be that Friday before finals, but there are no finals that Saturday or Sunday so this day would be perfect! Watch for more info to come.
WE GOT A YES!!!: A huge congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked the least little bit on the vote yes for victory campaign! You all did amazing things for the future of the country!! Your work payed off and we got a 54% yes vote…Ron Kind even mentioned La Crosse’s victory to Donald Rumsfeld J . GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE