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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Minutes for Tuesday, September 18

Minutes for September 18, 2007

Students for choice
ThisWed (19th) at 9pm in 259cc
Awareness of women’s reproductive rights, where to get emergency contraceptives, etc

Peace Vigil/ Stand out to Get out/ Presence for Peace
11-3 Every Wednesday at the clocktower
Photo petitioning this week

Historical Perspectives of War
Speaker: Viterbo history professor
Wed 19th 7pm rm127 Reinhart center Viterbo

Ultimate Frisbee
Wed 19th at 9:45 PM Mitchell track area
Must wear shirt that has short sleeves or longer.
Contant Elena Bantle (8.4@stud)

Green is sexy photoshoot
Thur 20th at 6:30am at Jules coffee
Free coffee, get naked!
Contact KattiJo for details (8.4@stud) 715-651-6545

Involvement fest
11-2 on Thur the 20th
Come help tabling

Buzz’s Potluck
This Thursday at 6pm
923 south 26th street
(head south on Losey, see the cemetery on the L, take your first L turn, it’s a brown house) Campfire, bring a delicious dish to pass, will be preliminary tie-dying there for Tent State.

International day of peace
Cameron park at 12 on Friday
Progs have been invited to this event. We were asked to attend and make signs with an emphasis on peace (avoid anti-war).
Open mic, appearance by author of “Poets for Peace”

Tent State
Next Wed 26th- Thur am on Wittich field (by the clocktower)
Tie dye, community building, First 200 people can get free T-shirts, bring a tent, as many as possibly, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. We will be having a campfire!!! TeePee from NASA (Native Am Students Asso.)
Music: Thur 7-10 stage time, know any bands that would like to play?
Bring any outdoor games you may have (bocce ball, etc)

Army of None
Counter Recruitment in High Schools
The speakers will camp out with us at Tent State
Speak on the Thur 27th btwn 10-2

Hotel Rwanda
Wed 26th
GMH at 4:30 and 7pm

Peace Bus
Guy (Progs advisor) spoke, we’re still workin on it
This idea inspired by “Wheels of Justice”

Power Shift
Nov 2-5 in Wash D.C.
First Nat’l Youth climate summit
Bands, wkshps, speakers, lobby day on the Capital
Early reg fee $20 (2 weeks left of early reg)
www.powershift07.org /Facebook/Carrie Wisinski

Recap: Sustainability meeting last Friday
Went well, they really listened to students, but there is more improvements to be made. You are encouraged to make comments on the webpage pushing sustainability
*they need to hear from students
or search “new academic building” on uwl webpage
ie “ I think the sustainability should be included more in planning”
“I think it should be more “I” shaped”
Director of ITS, knows how to build sustainable buildings: Jim Jorstad

SOA School of the Americas
Contact Jeanne Whistler (8.4@stud)

Know your rights
Date TBA, October
Do you know your rights? When…
*Dealing with Landlords
*You get pulled over by police officer
*Busted! now what?
*Public Intox law- what does that mean?
Party at goalpost that night
Mtg beforehand to teach you how to train people

Women in black
Tuesdays 10-10;45 in front of Cartwright
Peace vigil, where silent women dressed in all black, mourning victims of wars and other violence. Come and stand, hand out literature.
More info: contact Libby at Tucci.eliz@students.uwlax.edu

Healthy WI plan and health care reform campaign
Universal health care bill for all residents of WI; they can still have choice of doc and hospital. Call Mike Huebush (?) (pronounced “hipsh”) at 608.266.3387 to let him know how you feel about the issue.
“Please include the Healthy WI Health Care Reform Plan in the assembly budget. It’s about time that everyone in WI had access to the same affordable quality healthcare that our legislators have.” Then add a little something of your own if you could.

West Wisconsin Rural Immigration Summit
Speakers and info about Hispanic immigrants to the area
If you want to go…Contact Maureen McCollum mccollum.maur@students.uwlax.edu

Fair Trade Market
Wed-thur November 28-29 port o call
Need people to help do inventory, wanna help?
10,000 villages, a fair trade company
“heart of the sky” fair trade, Guatemalan goods, kickapoo coffee

Thank much folks,

Lindsey Stratton

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