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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Progressives Minutes - First Meeting!

Minutes for Progressives
September 4, 2007

Mtgs: Tuesdays 7pm in 259 Cartwright
* new location, same time

Welcome back Progressives!
We already have a lot to work on, starting with…

Fighting Bob Fest
This weekend, Sept 7-8
Networking, progressive speakers, and entertainment. The tradition of Bob La Follette is carried on by providing a forum for progressive ideas and issues facing WI and the nation. 6,000 attendees last year. I would say more, but the website is really detailed, check it out.
We will be selling soup and scones as a fund raiser. If you can’t make it but like cooking soup, please let us know; cooking either tomorrow or Friday. People attending the event should meet at 1716 State Street, to leave at 5:30 on Friday to carpool down to Baraboo

Tent State
Sept 14-15
This movement involves several universities and started at Rutgers University in 2003. Its focus is on decisions that affect higher education, and teaching each other. We are more or less making plans to pitch tents and having a campfire on Drake Field (the elevated field between the Arts building and the REC) to recruit and to just hang out. Yes, we are having a campfire on campus. Need help advertising, and supply your own tent/bag.
*Great way to meet friendly people if you are new to campus

Peace Bus
Background: we have been doing fundraising over the years to get a progressives tour bus so we can hit up our events in a more sustainable fashion. Update: we have the funds! Now we just need to pick out a bus. We hope to have it by late Sept/ mid Oct. It is in California, so we might need some outgoing folks to take a roadtrip to retrieve it in the near future.

Power Shift 2007
Nov 2-3
First national youth climate summit in Washington D.C.
Expecting 3-5 thousand students with the same progressive ideas.
Networking, workshops, big speakers, fun.
Goal: to shift the presidential candidates’ stances on Global Warming.
Contact Carrie at Carrie.wisinski@gmail.com for more info

Treasurer Needed
Progressives are looking for a treasurer, any takers?

Academic building meeting
Sept 14 from 1-4pm
Open to anyone. Let’s ensure the new academic building is sustainable.

Talloires Declaration
Sustainability document which, if passed, would ensure that important decisions made on campus consider sustainability. We have tons of signatures of students and faculty and a task force that meets Fridays at 9am, which are open to anyone. A similar document is up for discussion: http://www.presidentsclimatecommitment.org/

And remember, our friends at Environmental Council meet on Thursdays at 4:15 in 259 Cartwright center.


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