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The Progressives bring together progressive thinking individuals to encourage democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence, global awareness, post patriarchal values, respect for diversity and personal as well as social responsibility. The group focuses on actions to promote and raise awareness of these issues.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Cinco de Mayo Progressive Leadership Training!

The UWL Progressives would like to welcome you to join
them for an afternoon of fun-filled leadership
training! An energizing event filled with chances to
pick up new skills which will benefit the UWL campus,
La Crosse community, and beyond!

The afternoon's events will be an in-depth look at how
to fundraise, get out the vote, be a great leader,
work with the media, and more! To cap off the days
work, we'll travel over to 1104 State to have a
cookout, some more informal training and a sing-along!

In order to attend the Cinco de Mayo fiesta at 1104
State after dinner we ask that people also attend the
leadership training colloquium! Check out the details

Friday, May 5th - 3rd floor Cartwright Center


3:30 - Meet and greet Room 339, Introductions,
run-down of sessions

4-4:40 Session 1:

GOTV, Fundraising, Effective Leadership, In the Public

4:50-5:40 Session 2:

GOTV, Where are issues born?, Effective Leadership,
Working with Others

5:50-6:40 Session 3:

Where are issues born?, Fundraising, In the Public
Eye, Working with Others

Dinner @ 7pm - 1104 State (Ryan's house)
*Bring $2 the day of to contribute to food

Breakdown of sessions being offered:

GOTV - Liz and Jeremy, Learn how to get out the vote
effectively on and off campus!

Fundraising - Kristen, Learn how to raise money for
events and campaigns and how to use resources
available to their fullest extent!

Where are issues born? - Joe and Bree, Where to find
resources to research issues (locally and global), how
to decide if a campaign is worth the time and effort,
and develop an effective plan for carrying out issues.

Effective Leadership - Chelsea, How to recruit team
members and how to utilize them to their full
potential! (leading meetings, organization, holding
group members accountable, keeping up the momentum)

Working with others - Carrie, Learn how to work with
people outside of the progressives (coalition
building, planning events and trips, etc.)

In the Public Eye - Ryan and Jeremy, Learn how to be
an effective public speaker, working w/the media, and
public relations

We hope you can make it and that you bring all that
are interested in making our campus a stronger, more
unified base for positive social change!

Your UWL Progressives Cinco de Mayo planning team...
Chelsea, Kristen, Ryan, Liz, Jeremy, Andrew, Jackie,
Joe, Bree, Heather, Kyle and Carrie


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