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Sunday, September 16, 2007

UWL Progressives Minutes

Minutes for September 11, 2007
Tuesdays 7pm in 259 Cartwright

Heres whats up:

Fighting BobFest Wrap-up
Last weekend
Was a good time, about 10 people went down to Baraboo and made over $200 in soup sales and heard some great speakers and awesome tables.

New Academic Building Open Forum
This Friday Sept 14 from 1-4 in Port ‘O Call (you can come and go as needed)
Very important that people come to show that we care about making this building sustainable. This is the last mtg, so if you want to be heard, show up!!
Remember, this building is going to be around for 100 years.

Potluck at Bjorn’s
This Friday 6pm (after the sustainability meeting we will all be at!)
413 11th Street S.
Bring a dish to pass if you can.

Film Festival CANCELLED
The United Nations Film Festival that was going to be on Sunday 16th- 17th, is cancelled. Sad, very sad. Spread the word, it’s to be rescheduled in the spring.

Presence for Peace
Not this week due to anniversary of the war
Stand around the clocktower in protest of the war, to raise conversation and awareness. We often put this war in the back our minds and we should bring it back up front. This is not to push opinions, but to open discussion and awareness.
It was successful last year; some Racquet appearances.
Should we take a new direction? Petitions? Call congress?
We will discuss ideas before the Progs mtg next week at 6:30 259cc.

Involvement Fest
Thursday September 20th in Valhalla
Need people for tabling from 11-4
Sign up or show up.

Green is sexy
Photshoot for the calendar this Thurday at 5:15 (after Environmental Council) in 259CC
Going to marsh for big jump shot, need LOTS of people
Contact KattiJo fore detail: 715-651-6545 or fetting.katt@students.uwlax.edu

Tent State
Wednesday September 26-27 * note: date change from last week’s minutes
This event goes on nationwide, our focus is recruitment and to have a good time.
We have invited many organizations to join us, feel free to ask any other orgs to participate. Also anyone know any good bands? Any artists for banner making? Wanna help with publicity? Help will be needed the night before for set up and making food. Also for cleanup afterwards. If you want to help with any of these events, reply or contact me (Lindsey) J

Movie Night
They are back! Documentaries, and such
Any movies you have to share? Please make suggestions.
Will start next week, same room
208 GMH Thursdays at 7

WTC wellness fair
Oct 3rd from 10-3 at the Kumm Center downtown
Western Tech College has asked Environ Council to table there, and they are our close friends, so if anyone wants to help them out with that, go for it! Any ideas for tabling? The students at WTC could be great connections for pooling our resources.

“Islamo-fascism awareness week”
Oct 22-26
You may remember seeing controversial posters up last year about this event, making blanket statements about Islamic people and other groups. This year, rather than spending time on it, we would like to counteract it with an event or our own. Any ideas? Contact Kristin Chapiewsky (8.4@students) or bring them up at our next meeting.
Info on this event:
*again, please note that this event is not sponsored by the Progressives

Power Shift
Weekend of November 2
Washington D.C.

SOA (School of the Americas)
Week of November 16-19
In Georgia, a group of us is going down to protest.
About $100, depending on the Peace bus and fundraising
Contact Jeanne for more details
Whisler.jean@students.uwlax.edu, 651.428.8969

Women in black
Tuesdays 10-10;45 in front of Cartwright
Peace vigil, where silent women dressed in all black, mourning victims of wars and other violence. This movement started way back with women from Palestine and Israel.
This is an International event. There are also others in the community: 1.Women in Black downtown La Crosse--corner of 4th St. and Main St.; First and Third Wednesdays of each month, 12-12:30. 2. Peace vigil (men and women welcome) outside the main post office (5th Ave. and State St.) Mondays 12-12:30 3. Start your own at a time and place that works for you—we can never have too many peace vigils!
More info: contact Libby at Tucci.eliz@students.uwlax.edu

Events of interest, not planned by Progs, but recommended:

Michael Moore’s Sicko
Monday Sept 17 at 7 in Ward room (in cc)
“Michael Moore sets out to investigate the American healthcare system and sheds light on the complicated medical affairs of individuals and local communities.”
Hotel Rwanda
September 26th in Graff Main Hall
Time TBA

Conference on human rights, peace, etc
Oct 4-5

Awareness Through Performance
Nov 12, 7pm GMH

Fair Trade Market
November 28th-29th Wed-Thur

Campaigns that need some student energy in the future:

Excel energy hike
They want to up the rates, no mtg in Lax county yet
Hike will fund icky projects, like more power lines, not sustainable changes

Know your rights presentation
Know what to do when faced by the law, landlords, etc

Campus compost
Wasting food=no good

Indoor Frisbee
Progressives/ EC teams to be formed, more info to come
To join contact Elena Bantle (8.4@stud)

Phew, that was a lot to take in!

Any questions, ideas, inspirations, thoughts, etc, let me know

Lindsey Stratton

If you like John Lennon and helping those in Darfur, I would recommend you visit www.instantkarma.org (that was my favorite table at BobFest!)


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