UWL Progressives

The Progressives bring together progressive thinking individuals to encourage democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence, global awareness, post patriarchal values, respect for diversity and personal as well as social responsibility. The group focuses on actions to promote and raise awareness of these issues.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

February 14- Minutes

Earth day is coming upon us. There will be a meeting coming up soon. It should be way exciting and fun to be a part of so if you want to help let Kristen know at pitts.kris@students.uwlax.edu.

Zak and a number of others are ready to get Amnesty International back up and running. It will be a group that will be trying to raise awareness about some very important global issues (a free Tibet etc.). The first meeting will be on Thursday Feb. 16 @ 7:30p.m. in 257 CC. This mtg will be mostly planning and possibly the creation of some posters.

Come to 2225 Main St. (Jackie, Jeremy, and Andrew’s) on Feb. 25 around 12:30p.m. to learn how to canvas or just come to help canvas if you already know how. We will be going canvassing around the area in regards to the referendum that will be on the ballot in April (relating to the removal of troops starting w/the National Guard). This is a great opportunity to learn how to canvas and gain the experience you may have not had in the past w/canvassing. There will be food, beverages before and after, and a fun time. Most of all it is a way to try to get more support to bring the troops home. If you are not able to make it to canvassing don’t worry a lot of other help will be needed w/things like data entry and preparation for a way awesome rally we are thinking about having in April!

Movie night will be back in action @ 247 GMH very soon! We just need to think of movies to show. Once we do, we have a set night each week. Watch for more information to come!

A few years ago, a group of people went down to Africa and Uganda. There they saw the troublesome effects civil war had on the children in these countries. They were deeply affected and created a documentary from this experience. This group of men will be ON CAMPUS to show their documentary on Sunday the 19 @ 8p.m. in Valhalla. It should be incredibly powerful and informative.

The movie “The Fog of War” is being put on by the college democrats in the Ward room at 6p.m. on Thursday the 16th. Come and watch if you are interested.

Peace week is sounding just awesome! It will be April 3-7. The whole week will be full of all sorts of events. If you want to help let Chelsea know at oneil.chel@students.uwlax.edu.

The Environmental Newsletter is looking for people to write articles about things like upcoming events (Earth day etc.) and looking for artists to do cartoons or possibly the newsletter’s logo!! If you are interested in any of this let Heather know at mullee.heat@students.uwlax.edu.

On Thursday the 16 @ 4p.m. in CC (near 259), there will be an environmental council meeting. Discussions of an energy efficient campaign and various conferences coming up will be main topics. Help with the energy efficient campaign would be great and is needed so if you can make it that would be awesome.

Soul food? Good music and entertainment? Free tickets as a student? Who wouldn’t want to come to this exciting event. Come celebrate Black History Month a little bit at this awesome event on Saturday the 18th in Valhalla @ 5:30p.m. Come get your tickets at the ticket booth in CC.

Meetings are now at 8p.m. on Tuesdays in CC if you are interested in becoming involved in this great new spaper. They are still looking for anyone interested in article writing for the “supper square” part of the newspaper. Shoot your ideas over to Joe@secondsupper.com with any ideas for this more serious/satirical part of the newspaper.

If you are interested in having a bike for the semester or in general stop by at the Outdoor Connection and put down a 15 dollar deposit and get it either back at the end of the semester or keep the bike! If you are interested in helping with fixing any of these bikes help is greatly appreciated on Tuesdays at around 4p.m. Stop by even if you want to get your own bike
fixed up.

February 7th - Minutes

Interested in helping our campus become more fair trade friendly? Do you want to raise awareness about this awesome idea and see how much our campus already knows? If so we need all the volunteers we can get to spread the word about fair trade and get involved. If you are interested in taking part in something that could have a huge effect on a lot of people let Gleb Kozlov know at illusions4-all@yahoo.com or Kozlov.Gleb@students.uwlax.edu.

There is going to be an amazingly fun potluck this Thursday, February 19th! It is at 6p.m. in the Three Rivers House on main and 8th. Bring your favorite food to share with the rest of us and members of NASA and come ready to have a great time. We want to try and use non-throw away containers for the food to reduce waste so if possible use a container we can wash at the end of the night J. There will be vegetarian and vegan options so no worries! A good time should be had held by all…not only will we get to meet some way awesome NASA members, but we can get to know each other better too.

Come to room 257 on Wednesday the 8th at 1p.m. to discuss the green building with the vice chancellor, members of the Department of State Facility, and others. We need a lot of people there to show our support for this amazing idea. We want to work together with many of these people to really make this dream happen. If you have time stop on by and show your support and bring forth your questions/ideas.

There will be an Earth day meeting on Thursday February 9th at 7:30p.m.in room 259 of Cartwright.&nb sp; Stop on by if you want to be involved in some of the planning and activities we are organizing to make this day unforgettable.

There are some tentative plans in regards to the white privilege conference coming up in April (27-29) in St. Louis, MO. The cost is l ooking at around 125$ per person but grants are really being looked at. There is not a lot of information at this point in time but let Kaitlynn (radloff.kait@students.uwlax.edu) or Carrie (dietz.carr@students.uwlax.edu) know if you are interested in this very interesting opportunity. Watch out for more information to come on this if you are interested!

The time has come and the Beatles party is quickly approaching. It will be a great way to give us all some much needed time to have fun and relax with a great group of people! The theme is the Beatles so come dressed as virtually anything you want related to the Beatles and we mean anything!! The party is taking place at 1104 State St (Schryver’s house) so be there or be square.

Keep the Moratorium in place, to prevent the construction of more nuclear power plants in Wisconsin!
Contact your WI legislators now. Urge them to NOT co-sponsor the proposed nuclear reactor construction bill, and to vote against it if it comes up for a vote. More Nuclear power plants could be devastating to Wisconsin's environment, economy, public health, and safety. We need people to "SAY NO TO NUCLEAR." We need to email them soon, the deadline for this bill to be introduced is Feb. 10th! It is currently identified by its LRB number 0419/1 and 1562/1.
E-mail: sen.kapanke@legis.state.wi.us
E-mail: rep.shilling@legis.state.wi.us

Join Dr. Bufton and other women on Thursdays at noon outside of Cartwright in a silent vigil for peace! This group stands outside for only about 45 minutes to show their support for peace through out the world. Show up if you are interested ready for a very, very powerful experience. No need to schedule anything, just come if you are interested.

Interested in being an editor for a really interesting and thought provoking magazine? If you are you could become an art editor or even a general editor for this magazine. Any help is appreciated! Let Mariano know at dompablo.mari@students.uwlax.edu.

Not only is the Catalyst looking for help, but so is the 2nd Supper. They are looking for people who are interested in writing for the “supper square” part of the newspaper, which is a more satirical part of the newspaper and deals with more local and national issues. If you are interested shoot an e-mail over to Joe@secondsupper.com. He’s very open to any ideas you may have for an article and they would be very, very happy to have your help and ideas!

If you are interested in modeling for art or photography classes let Roger Grant at grant.roge@uwlax.edu. Your help is strongly appreciated.

Bree’s dad will be bottling and making beer this Sunday afternoon and would be more than happy to teach some of us how to make it. We will be going out to his farm at 2p.m. on Sunday and meeting at Bree’s house (910 Vine) and will be enjoying some time to relax and hang out. If you are interested in going let Bree know at breckel.bree@students.uwlax.edu.

There will be a presentation on parentless, homeless children in countries like Sudan and Uganda on February 19 at 8p.m. in Valhalla. This is very important information that can sometimes be easy to not think about. Come to this presentation to learn more about these children and why their lives can not be forgotten.

If you thought the calendar for this year was cool wait until next year! If you are at all interested in the formation of any part of this calendar for next year let Kristen know at pitts.kris@students.uwlax.edu.

Thanks to everyone who came and saw Kind while he was on campus.Our presence made a huge difference and allowed us to show him we aren’t going anywhere. We won’t be ignored by him and we will let our voices and opinions be heard. Good job to everyone who could make it!

Interested in letting bikers get paid attention to a little more? When La Crosse has no bike lanes and we are not supposed to be on the sidewalks with bikes it is very hard to be biking around La Crosse. If you are interested in becoming part of a movement to show La Crosse you would appreciate if they became more bike friendly or you would just like more information on Critical Mass let Red/Chris know at vogts.chri@students.uwlax.edu. He has a lot more information on this.

There are senate spots open on campus. It is a great opportunity, resume builder, and interesting experience. If you are interested at all let Mariano know at dompablo.mari@students.uwlax.edu or contact A.J. Clauss to let her know you are interested.

Justin Miller has been working on the Mississippi River Revival. This is hugely important to comment on. There are a few attachments relating to this including a comment sheet and information on why we all should comment. Take a couple minutes to make a big difference for our environment. If you have any questions you can let Justin know at jmiller.mrr@hotmail.com.

Remember the petitions we were trying to get signed last semester so we could get a referendum on the ballot for April (to star t withdrawing troops). Well, it worked! Now we need to start brainstorming, canvassing, and developing ideas on how to get people to vote yes to this referendum. This is going to be a huge project for us this semester and any and all the help we can get will be amazing. This war is really affecting so many of us in ways we do not even realize! So much money is being taken out of Wisconsin alone. Everyone in the Progressives can help with this campaign! More information will be coming about all we can do. If you have any questions right away on our influence i n this upcoming election let Jeremy know at jansen.jere@students.uwlax.edu.

If you want to help with Peace Week, there's lots to do! Contact Chelsea at oneil.chel@students.uwlax.edu for more info.

January 31, 2006 - Minutes

* Ron Kind is coming to campus Thursday January 2 at 3:30 p.m. in Port O’ Call. He will be talking about higher education. This would be an excellent opportunity to confront him on some important issues to us (like how the war directly affects our education).
* If anyone would like to discuss some of these way important questions or develop any other questions to prevent him from side swiping anything we will be meeting Wednesday January 1 @ 3:30 p.m. We will be meeting in the Arts & Crafts area of Cartwright around room 212 to discuss.
* Involvement fest is next Tuesday January 7 from 10-3 p.m. in Cartwright. We will need help setting up at around 9:30, cleaning up around three, and any assistance during that time at the Progressive table talking to any interested students. Merely sitting there and explaining some of the events we have taken part in or will be involved with can get us many new members! Any help is great!
* There will be a Progressive/NASA potluck on Thursday February 9 at 6p.m. in the Three Rivers House.
* Bring something to share! It is a potluck after all. We wanted to try to use dishes that we did not have to throw away and avoid things like Styrofoam at all costs.
* This will be an awesome opportunity to meet people from NASA and even get to know one another a little bit better! Come ready for a great time with all sorts of great food.
* Bree’s dad would like to teach a bunch of us how to make beer and wine one Sunday afternoon on his farm. Carpooling will be a definite option for transportation to his farm. This will be in the near future so look out for any more news to come on this way fun event!
* If any female is interested in being part of a silent vigil protesting violence all around the world, standing up for peace everywhere, and taking part in a silent vigil twice a week (or just once a week) join women in black! This amazing opportunity really can have a huge impact. If anyone is interested at all, call Katherine at 608-792-5880. Many of the people involved currently will be graduating in the spring so it is especially important to check this out if you are interested. We want to keep this thing going!!
* The magazine, the Catalyst is looking for help. Again, many people are graduating in the spring that are involved in this and now it needs some help to continue staying around. It is an awesome thing and it would be sad to see it go. If anyone would like to help coordinate things for the magazine or if anyone is competent with computers, your help would be greatly appreciated! If you are interested let Mariano know at dompablo.mari@students.uwlax.edu
* Maggie Gomez, our campus’ very own Social Justice Director stopped by on Tuesday night to inform us about a number of things. She needs many help this semester with various ideas she has for improving campus (like gender-neutral bathrooms) and would like some Progressive help. She also would like to hear about any ideas we may have in regards to social justice. She is also thinking about creating another multicultural space because she would like to make it better and bigger than the existing one. If anyone would like to help her out or if you have any ideas yourselves, you can contact her at gomez.marg@students.uwlax.edu.
* She also came to talk to us about a FREE Building Unity conference taking place March 10-12 (yes it‘s the first weekend of spring break but, it will be awesome anyways!). Transportation will be provided and the conference will give opportunities to meet tons of new people, present some of our ideas to a wider range of people and have fun. If you have any questions about it or need more information, her e-mail address is again gomez.marg@students.uwlax.edu.
* There will b e a white privilege conference from April 26-29. Seeing, as there is not a lot of information here if anyone is interested feel free to e-mail Kaitlynn at radloff.kait@students.uwlax.edu. She would be more than happy to tell you all about it.
* On Friday February 17 there will be a group going to La Crescent High School to present on the issues of white privilege. We will be going from 8-12p.m. This is a great opportunity to discuss some important issues that are easily looked over in high schools through out our country. We can change this and make a difference just by going and talking to these kids! We need people interested in doing this so if anyone is interested let Kaitlynn know at radloff.kait@students.uwlax.edu.
* Seeing, as our calendar was such a huge success this year, why not get ready for next year?? If anyone has photography skills or is really good with computers, (dealing with layouts etc) let Kristen know at pitts.kris@students.uwlax.edu. Your help would be greatly appreciated and you could be a part of these awesome calendars.
* Amnesty International is expected to start back up on campus every other Thursday (the Thursdays opposite Environmental Council). Watch for more details about the revival or this great organization. Things such as a free Tibet are only one of the tons of issues that will be looked at.
* Come to environmental council this week on Thursday February 2. It will be in room 257 CC at 4 p.m. Issues like the green building will be discussed plus much more.
* There will be a four part lecture series taking place in the coming weeks. The first part of this lecture series will be taking place at 7p.m. on Thursday February 2 on the basics of Buddhism. It will be in 247 GMH and is bound to be quite fascinating.
* Come join the knitting club at 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays, by the Cyber Café at CC. Even if you do not know how to knit someone will be happy to teach your or just come to have good conversation.
* The date of the Beatles party has been moved !! Take note it is now on Friday February 10 instead of this Friday the 3. The theme has not changed though! Still come to Schryver’s at 1104 State St. dressed as virtually any person, place, thing, concept or anything related to the Beatles. If you need ideas, do not be afraid to ask Ryan. He has tons and tons of ideas. Just send him a quick e-mail asking for ideas at schryver.ryan@students.uwlax.edu. He would be happy to help!!