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The Progressives bring together progressive thinking individuals to encourage democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence, global awareness, post patriarchal values, respect for diversity and personal as well as social responsibility. The group focuses on actions to promote and raise awareness of these issues.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Progressives Minutes

Progressives Minutes for October 9, 2007
Mtgs every Tuesdays 7pm in 259CC

Date Auction
Student senate fundraiser for the chancellor’s inauguration gift (guitar)
Thursday at 7:30pm in Valhalla
Bjorn, student senate vice president, offers a romantic tandem bicycle ride in the historic downtown La Crosse to the Pearl for some ice cream.
Other members of student senate will also be auctioned

Natural Step Circles
7pm ward room next Monday October 15th
Discussion based groups for 6 weeks
20 brand new books donated, you can buy your own on Amazon.com
Be kind to your book so we can reuse them
Get on the Nat Step contact list contact Bjorn Bergman

Steering committee for new academic building
Scoping mtg, hear public concerns, affects on environ
Tuesday Oct 16 in Valhalla, there will be cookies

United Council
Represents all UW schools
Networking, working on local organic food and fair trade products on campus
8-11 pm this Friday somewhere in CC
Because what else do you have to do on a Friday night?

“Peace not Prejudice week”
Our response to “Islamo-Fascism awareness week”
Wed 24th night candlelight peace march
Origami cranes needed, demo TBA
Homework: Think of 5 things you can do to live a better life
We will compile them for tabling for P not P week

Countering Military Recruitment
First mtg Thur 530 after EC in 259 CC
Depopulating the military
Military recruiters make false claims about the benefits you get for sign on

Know your rights campaign
Tomorrow (Wed) at the Clocktower from 9-4
Thanks to Nessa and Christy
2 topics: Landlord rights and What to do when an officer confronts you
Free buttons passed out, and will be at the table
Party on Friday at 9pm at the Goalpost (for those of age)
Donate money for a keg

10 things you should know:
1. Don’t run from the police
2. You don’t have to give an officer any info you don’t want to, but be polite (don’t have to come out and say you’ve been drinking if you haven’t been asked)
3. Its never bad to consult legal advice
4. know if you’ve been charged for a crime or given a citation
5. your landlord must give 12 hours before coming into your home (you can deny them entry if they didn’t warn you, even just to change a s
6. Fill out damage reports before moving into your home, before pictures can save you money on your security deposit (which you should get back after renting)
7. When driving: Have current tags, stop completely at all stop signs, have working head and tail lights, use turn signals
8. Don’t drink and drive: it’s a criminal offense
9. Don’t drive with paraphernalia in the car
10. The police are here to be community care takers

Criminal offense: resist arrest, avading arrest, DWI, disorderly conduct (get a lawyer)
Citation: underage drinking tickets, noise violations, public intoxication

Ultimate Frisbee
Tomorrow 10pm in Mitchell
Bring your students ID, short sleeved shirt and a couple bucks for entry fee.
We won last week, keep it up.

School of the Americas
Friday Nov 16th 10:15am to Monday noonish
School on a military base
64,000 Latin American soldiers trained
Some have had some of the worst human rights violations against them
School of the Americas watch, working on shutting down SOA
Oct 23 is the $40 down payment deadline
Info: Jeanne Whisler (8.4@stud) 651.428.8969
SOA Committee on campus
Meets every Thursday
This week at Jeanne’s house; she’s making Apple Crisp!!
517 north 13th St (by the Health Center, green house) at 8pm
Second SOA Movie night
Thursday October 18th SOA 7pm room 208 GMH

Progressives Movie Nights
Two short movies on the Iraq war
This Thursday 7pm in 208 GMH

Trial for Ron Kind sit in
Show up on court date Thur Nov 1st at 3pm
Come support your classmates

What Patrick needs help with:
History of our progress org.
List of programs we have organized.
Campaigns we have supported.
Anything that individuals want changed.
If we want the bus.
All input is appreciated

Good news and bad news
-Adam: thanks for coming to the party on Friday. We discussed police on bikes, proposing green fee, reduce one-time use stuff (paper bags at chars), etc
-Victory: Cassville coal plant down the Mississippi is nixed, we can put our feet up.
-Unofficial bike shop at Adam’s house.
-Icky: Xcel had to shut down a boiler due to too much Dioxin release (hardcore carcinogenic) due to too much plastic burning. For the article go to the website for the LaCrosse Tribune and search “Xcel boiler shut down after failing emissions test”
-Icky #2: Excel also wants to do another rate raise (10% or so, like $13) to go into coal and nuclear, bottom line: not sustainable energy
More info: contact Adam Conlin 8.4

The best part of waking up is Fair Trade in your cup.
Sent out a survey to faculty about what kind/how much coffee they drink.
We want to be an Oxfam fair trade certified university

Men United Against Sexual Assault
Wednesdays at 8pm, this week in Baird Basement

Eyeglasses Donation
Do you have any eyeglasses that you don’t use?
Don’t throw them away:
*Over 1 billion people in developing countries need eyeglasses but cannot afford them.
*Over 4 million pairs of eyeglasses are thrown away each year in North America.
Bring glasses/ sunglasses to the meetings or me (Lindsey)
Or mail them yourself by Oct 31st:
Unite For Sight
Attn: Southern Eye Associates
5350 Poplar #950
Memphis, TN 38119

Women in black
Tuesdays 10-10:45am in front of Cartwright
Peace vigil, where silent women dressed in all black, mourning victims of wars and other violence. Come and stand, hand out literature.
If this time doesn’t work for you, there are others in the community, and there is talk of making an additional time on campus so more people can make it, any suggestions?
More info: contact Libby at Tucci.eliz@students.uwlax.edu

Power Shift
Nov 2-5 in Wash D.C.
First Nat’l Youth climate summit
Bands, wkshps, speakers, lobby day on the Capital
www.powershift07.org /Facebook/Carrie Wisinski

Planetarium: Album Encounters
Thursdays 7pm in Cowley basement
UWL students perform laser light shows
This week: Modest Mouse

Environmental Council
Every Thurday 4:15 259CC


Lindsey Stratton
8.4 or 608.577.1985


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