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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Progressives Minutes - 9/25

Minutes for September 25, 2007

“Progressives is like a mullet; business in the front, party in the back.”
Adam opened the mtg with a stellar quote

Tomorrow (BUSY):

Tent State
Tomorrow Wed 26th-27th
All day event, party it up in Wittch Field
Bring outdoor games, food, cds, tents, sleeping bags, white stuff to tie dye and your friends. Help set up at 8am, meet at Clocktower, help move tables.

Open Forum about Pepsi contract
Tomorrow from 4:30 to 6:30 in Port O Call in CC
Because of a new contract with Pepsi on campus, $70,000 a year goes to the students and we have say over where the money goes, this is your chance to voice your opinions and ideas. We need a lot of people to make a point.

Ultimate Frisbee
730pm in Mitchell
Need more girls; this week is girl’s advantage
Bring: your game face, a student ID, a dolla or 2 to Elena for the entry fee and wear a t-shirt with short sleeves or longer

Students for choice meeting
New org on campus for women’s reproductive rights.
Mtg tomorrow at 9pm in 259cc (but there is talk of them moving the mtg to the tent state event on Wittch). They are working on a law to tell all rape victims about emergency contraceptives. You can also go to www.plannedparenthood.com to vote/pledge on the issue.

Peace vigil
Every Wed at the Clocktower from 12-3
Photo petitions and such, come and hang out.
Facebook: “Peace please”

Hotel Rwanda
Wed 26th
2 showings in GMH at 4:30 and 7pm

The rest of the week:

Army of None
Thursday Sept 27
Ward Room (in CC) 11-2 Come and go as you please
“To counter military recruitment, end war and build a better world”

Environmental Council
Thursday 4:15pm in 259cc
Campaign planning meeting this week. Topic: lobby (go to a person with power and sway them) your faculty members for the Talloire Declaration, a document needing signatures for sustainability of our university.

Planetarium “Album Encounters”
Laser light show to popular music
Thursdays 7pm in the basement of Cowley
This week: Queens of the Stone Age

School of the Americas
In Georgia Nov 16-19
64,000 Latin American Dictators trained there
20,000 people protested there last year
Tentative price: $100
This Thursday 7pm 208 Graff Main Hall
There will be a movie shown for those who want to learn more and a discussion and mtg afterward. Join the Facebook Group
Jeanne Whisler (8.4@stud) (note the spelling, I got it wrong last week)

“Islamo- Fascism Awareness Week”
Oct 22-26th
We want to have our own even to draw attention away from this one which is sponsored by the college repubs. This event doesn’t represent this population accurately.
Meeting to discuss events Thur in Diversity Center at 8:15pm with other multicultural orgs

Friday is Hug a vegetarian day
You know what to do.

Green is Sexy Photoshoot
Friday 8am at the Marsh
Meet at the trailhead by kitty pool
Bring your bike and fishing poles
May be your last chance to get naked for the calendar
For more info join the Facebook group

Critical mass
Last Friday of Every month…so… This Friday!
Meet at Riverside Park at golden Eagle Statue at 5:30 (follow State Street till you almost bike into the river)
Global movement, solidarity for fellow bicyclists, bikes have equal rights on the streets, alternative transportation. So bring your bike and some friends.

Women in black
Tuesdays 10-10:45am in front of Cartwright
Peace vigil, where silent women dressed in all black, mourning victims of wars and other violence. Come and stand, hand out literature.
If this time doesn’t work for you, there are others in the community, and there is talk of making an additional time on campus so more people can make it, any suggestions?
More info: contact Libby at Tucci.eliz@students.uwlax.edu

Coming Up:

Know Your Rights Campaign
Thur-Fri October 11th-12th
Tabling at Clocktower n stuff
Check last week’s minutes or our Blog for more info

Clean Wisconsin
Campaign against rate raising at Excel, to fund not sustainable energy
Talk to Adam Conlin

Natural Step
Education program about how to build sustainable communities
LaX has discussion groups, 2 community members have come to campus to bring the program here. Based on a book from Sweden; we got 23 books donated to us
Mondays at 7pm this fall
Free class/ discussion groups, not for credit but for fun!
Contact Bjorn Bergman

Speaker Bob Kiesau
came to speak to us about the Myric Hixon Ecopark proposal; rebuilding of the zoo and nature center www.myricecopark.com
Here are some other topics/ Books to look into that Bob shared with us:
Anarcho- Primitivism: Wikipedia that phrase
EarthFirst- movement
Confessions of an EcoWarrior
Dave Foreman- Re-Wilding, keystone carnivores
Confessions of a Barbarian
The Monkey Wrench Gang
For more info call Bob (783.7001)

Power Shift
Nov 2-5 in Wash D.C.
First Nat’l Youth climate summit
Bands, wkshps, speakers, lobby day on the Capital
Early reg fee $20 (1 week left of early reg)
www.powershift07.org /Facebook/Carrie Wisinski

Have a good week,

Lindsey Stratton

Check out our blogspot to keep updated!



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